Website security is relies on best practices

Internet  and website security is as much a frame-of-mind as it is an implementation of best practices and procedures. Having a basic understanding of what is going on under-the-hood of your e-commerce website can’t hurt, but with a good web team helping you to make smart decisions it’s not necessary to become a website guru yourself.

Insuring that you and your staff use good strong passwords when creating accounts will thwart many hack attempts. Keeping your work stations and office intranet up-to-date will keep your office data safer and help prevent unauthorized access to website admin areas. Instructing the staff on how to recognize suspicious e-mail will reduce the risk of becoming a cyber-crime victim or an unsuspecting spammer due to phishing, trojan and keystroke loggers.

If the safety, security and privacy of you and your customer’s data are important please consider attending the BNI Spiritcatchers meeting, this coming Friday Sept 11th at 7am to participate in a business networking meeting. Meet our members and enjoy a brief talk by Steve Haire Iboza Limited our keynote speaker.