Iboza website design

Friday July 3rd Steve Haire, owner of Iboza Limited, will be presenting to the BNI Spirit catchers.

  • Where? ESS Direct,
  • When 7:00 am – breakfast is available.

Steve’s Friday morning discussion will primarily be a demonstration of the Content Management System used for the Spirit catcher’s chapter website.
A little history. When the decision was made several years ago to launch a chapter website we had to bear in mind that being primarily a member-driven chapter the Content Management System chosen must be;

  1. Affordable,
  2. Easily operated,
  3. Search engine friendly,
  4. Scalable,
  5. Robust and,
  6. Very developer-friendly for predictable, trouble-free deployment.

After carefully considering all of the requirements our chapter chose to deploy our member website using the very popular Drupal Content Management System, hosted on Iboza’s own hosting infrastructure. As a result the Barrie Spirit catchers BNI Chapter now operate a self-driven, very SEO friendly website.

If the Spirit catchers and your business share similar website needs then attending our Friday morning meeting will give you a great insight into the world of CMS choices.