Choosing the Best CMS

Some businesses will choose to build their own website and in the process ignore one of the tenets of sound business operation; do what you do best and outsource the rest. For those business owners that believe they should always be doing something important outsourcing the creation of a website instead of focusing on generating revenue and growing their business is a no-brainer.

Should your web designer’s choice of Content Management System matter to you? This is the topic of Steve Haire’s discussion at our chapter’s April 29th  BNI meeting.

Are you a business owner currently considering a website upgrade or rebuild? If so this meeting will be of interest to you. Consider the cost and frustration of realizing that you’re ham-strung by your web designer’s choice of CMS. The inability to scale up or having to constantly deal with time wasted mucking around learning HTML in order to format content can be avoided by making an informed choice early in the web design process.

Consider joining the Barrie Spirit Catchers Friday morning meeting to experience firsthand the power of referral-based marketing.