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Web Security - It's a Philosophy

When was the first known hacking? According to Internet sources, the first bona fide case of someone subverting information technology for malicious purposes occurred in 1903. It happened when Magician and Inventor Nevil Maskelyne gained unauthorized access to a supposedly secure system to thwart John Ambrose Fleming's public demonstration of Guglielmo Marconi's secure wireless telegraphy technology.  After successfully negotiating Guglielmo’s security he proceeded to send insulting Morse Code messages through the auditorium's projector.

Choosing the Best CMS

Choosing the Best CMS

Some businesses will choose to build their own website and in the process ignore one of the tenets of sound business operation; do what you do best and outsource the rest. For those business owners that believe they should always be doing something important outsourcing the creation of a website instead of focusing on generating revenue and growing their business is a no-brainer.

Should your web designer’s choice of Content Management System matter to you? This is the topic of Steve Haire’s discussion at our chapter’s April 29th  BNI meeting.

Open Source vs Proprietary, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Friday January the 8th the Barrie Spiritcatchers BNI chapter will meet at ESS Direct at 6:45 am. The meeting features Steve Haire from Iboza Limited.

Steve and his company have logged 18 years in the field of Web Design, Custom Programming and Hosting. Iboza is considered by many to be the defacto-experts in their field in Simcoe County.

Phishing Scam Targeting OPENSRS Customers

Phishing Scam Targeting OPENSRS ClientsAre you a domain owner? If so this Phishing Scam will most likely end up in your Inbox at some point in the next little while. It’s imperative that you be able to recognize the tell-tale signs of a phishing scam. Here’s a relatively unsophisticated example sent to a client that happens to have an OPENSRS domain account.

Best practices help keep your website safe

Website security is relies on best practices

Internet  and website security is as much a frame-of-mind as it is an implementation of best practices and procedures. Having a basic understanding of what is going on under-the-hood of your e-commerce website can’t hurt, but with a good web team helping you to make smart decisions it’s not necessary to become a website guru yourself.

BNI Spirit catchers Drupal CMS

Iboza website design

Friday July 3rd Steve Haire, owner of Iboza Limited, will be presenting to the BNI Spirit catchers.

  • Where? ESS Direct,
  • When 7:00 am – breakfast is available.

Steve’s Friday morning discussion will primarily be a demonstration of the Content Management System used for the Spirit catcher’s chapter website.
A little history. When the decision was made several years ago to launch a chapter website we had to bear in mind that being primarily a member-driven chapter the Content Management System chosen must be;

Seven Things to Consider When Building a Website - Presentation

Building a business website is an important undertaking and can make the difference between the success or failure of a business. As important as it is, all too often companies will take short cuts to save either time or money. 

A well executed web project starts with a plan and a basic needs analysis. Defining ahead of time, a) who will use the website, b) what you want out of it and c) how you will promote its presence and in the process your own brand are the first steps in getting your project off the ground.

One Stop Website Shop

Iboza website dogs Molly and Montana

Did you know that Iboza Limited is one of the oldest website development shops in Barrie? Since 1997 our team has been supplying website design, custom programming and hosting services to Barrie and area customers of all sizes.

Our staff consists of not only programming, design and hosting specialists, it also boasts two of the most experienced web dogs in the Barrie area.

Season's Greetings!

Merry Christmas from the staff at Iboza

As another year draws to a close the staff at Iboza Limited would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the holiday and a prosperous New Year!

This is the time of year when most of us reflect  but it's also a time to look forward, planning for another year of business and good health.

We appreciate our customers and work diligently to deserve their business, but we never take them for granted. So, as we prepare to wind down for a short holiday break please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for your web site and hosting business through 2014!

Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. | SCAM!

Scam Alert - be aware of internet phishing attempts

Admittedly some scammers are becoming very adept at duping the public out of account information, money and in some cases their entire identity. Every now and then however a scam comes along that's absurd. Here is an excerpt from an official looking phishing email sent to a client. Wisely the client forwarded the email along to our staff because they thought perhaps it wasn't a legitimate notification.