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Excalibur Water Systems

Business growth is the perennial top-of-mind subject with every savvy company owner, the method may vary from business to business but we all need to grow or risk becoming someone's corporate lunch.

In years past the Yellow Pages was to many the obligatory tool for being found quickly in a local search for business services, this is no longer the case and there's data to show this to be the case. In our humble opinion the Internet has now eclipsed many mainstream methods of advertising. This means that not knowing how to stay ahead of the pack puts your business at risk of falling behind.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "I can't find your web site". Was it:

Iboza spam filtering change ...

As of Nov 03, 2014, delivery status notification (DSN) has been enabled for all email domains. 
This service will send a delivery status notification email to inform a sender when a message they have sent is quarantined by our outbound mail filters and is therefore not sent. The notification email will contain the following information:
Subject: Message Quarantined: <subject of the email that was sent>
   Body: Alert! Your message has been QUARANTINED!
Each recipient that the email was NOT delivered to will be in the body of the message.

Drupal Content Management, A Great Business Choice

Drupal Content Management System

Steve Haire from Iboza Limited is the Featured Speaker at tomorrow's BNI Chapter meeting.

Steve and Iboza have been supplying website design and hosting services to businesses in the Barrie and Simcoe area for 17 years,

Tomorrow's 10 minute talk features a case study in website deployment using the very popular Drupal Content Management System.

If your business is considering a website update this is the meeting to attend. Visit our chapter's visitor page for an overview of our chapter, its members, and directions to the meeting.

A.N.T. Construction says thanks Iboza!

A.N.T. Construction Barrie Ontario

"Hi all,
I would like to thank you kindly for the work you have done on my e-mail. I now have confidence that things are operating well in the e-mail department and that my systems are in good hands. We appreciate Iboza Ltd. taking care of this for us in a timely manner, and we would also thank you for always being there when we need you guys since day one. Many thanks!"

Warm regards,
Wayne Ezekiel

Commercial Electronic Messages and Your Business

Anti-Spam Legislation

Effective July 1st 2014 the Canadian government will start to implement Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.  As with many pieces of legislation they can be cumbersome to wade through in order to understand who it affects and how.

The new laws are fairly far-ranging, and the penalties for being caught on the wrong side of them are severe. It would behove any business sending marketing mail, including social some channels to gain new business or retain existing customers, to take the time to see how and if it affects your business practices.

Another Happy Client

Website design - Flooring by Design

Iboza always strives to meet or exceed our customer's expectations. Here's a case where an appreciative client took a minute to express their thanks.

The owner of Flooring by Design is a successful, very busy business owner. Part of their success is built on an understanding of where to best focus their efforts.

For this project we were not only asked to build a website but also to give the company an honest evaluation of their options with respect to Content Management Systems. Once the decision was made and the scope of the job was defined our team worked diligently, staying on-time and on-budget.

The result? Another happy client.

Internet Explorer bug lets hacker control your PC

Internet Explorer

People in the know are reporting that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is being exploited by hackers. This exploit makes use of a vulnerability which allows the hacker to take control of the unsuspecting user's computer to carry out nefarious tasks. In some cases it's worse for PC users that are still relying on their old, venerable copy of Windows XP for their PC’s operating system; Microsoft no longer supports this version of the Windows program making it potential unsecure.

According to CNN's report, this latest issue is significant enough to have caused the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to recommend not using this browser at all, or install "special" software to safeguard against intrusion.

Responsive Web Design | RWD

Responsive Web Design – RWD

It’s been predicted, by people who predict these sorts of things, that mobile device usage will surpass desktops as a primary means of accessing the Internet sometime in 2014.
Several years ago this seemed likely to happen soon but wasn’t a pressing concern for many businesses. Savvy website owners that took note of this trend and revisited their website’s design at that time. They were proactive, ensuring that an outdated website wasn’t causing them to lose business due to a bad user experience.

What is RWD?

Content Management Systems

Drupal - Content Management

The use of Content Management Systems allows non-HTML-enabled web site owners to manage their web content, their use is common place. In most cases they do a reasonable job of allowing the casual or part-time web master to update and add content to their web site.

The modern CMS (content management system) will be equipped with a means of adding, updating or deleting menus, images, text and hyper-links. Some will give quite a good range of add-on modules and plug-ins to allow for relatively easy scaling of site capabilities. With the increasing importance of Search Engine Optimizing, a good CMS will even automatically look after the basic best-practices of constructing titles, tags and meta data. Pretty cool.

Before the Internet

8 inch floppy

What should you look for when sourcing a new website hosting or network consulting company? Among other attributes experience must be way up there. In an industry where technology seems to change daily, having a service supplier that's "been around the block" can be a valuable asset. At Iboza Limited we can boast many years in website design, website hosting, and network consulting. In fact, our accumulated experience adds up to over 100 man-years.