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Content Delivery Networks | What's the Buzz?

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery or Content Distribution Networks are large, networked web facilities available to serve your web pages to users throughout the world. Relatively new, these CDNs as they're known, have both advantages and disadvantages. Still, they are worth looking at.

Do you work remotely?

Work remotely using secure VPN connections

In an age where time constraints are constantly increasing and changing, having the flexibility to work when it's conveinent is liberating. Many of us are overwhelmed in the office, answering phones, responding to email, and directing others. We often put off our own duties. Being able to access work files, accounts and other resources, easily and securely, from a remote network, frees you up to work with no office distractions.

Social Signals Increase Page Rank

Increase page rankings with good social signals

In the 70s having a good knowledge of how to work your social signals meant never being left out in the cold for a weekend of partying. In today’s Internet age knowing how Google makes use of social signals can make the difference between being found in a product search and never surfacing in the rankings.

Antivirus Filters

Keeping ahead of Postini

Tech Tip - If you are finding that some email is not reaching you it could be that the Postini Antivirus filters are flagging it as spam and the email is sitting in your Postini Quarantine. To fix this, login to Postini:

Use your full email address and Postini password emailed to you to login to your Message Center then click the "My Settings" link at the top right of the page ...

The 80 - 20 rule, and should you care...

Search Engine Optimizing, how to apply the old 80 - 20 rule

In 1906 Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, realized a relationship existed between the amount of land owned, and the percentage of the population that owned land. Roughly put 20% of the people owned 80% of the land. Eventually a business-management consultant trying to understand the laws that govern results vs efforts discovered that in-fact this rule seems to be apply-able to more than just Italian property management.

BNI - Word of Mouth Marketing

BNI Spiritcatchers - Barrie

The Barrie Spiritcatchers chapter of BNI Canada is not only the oldest chapter in Barrie, it is the original BNI chapter in Canada! Iboza Limited has been a member of BNI - Business Networking International - for 16 years.

Are you a Spammer?

Are you a Spammer?

With the proliferation of spam on the Internet comes the increased need to understand what is and isn’t spam. As a website and business owner it is your responsibility to be mindful of how you may be spamming, accidentally of course. 

Spam cops like Postini, Spamhaus, Barracuda, and the like are constantly adjusting their algorithms to stay, if not ahead, at least up-to-speed with the serious spammers. They are becoming much less forgiving when it comes to removing domains and IP addresses from their private databases.

Keywords vs no Keywords

Google Website Search Engine

There's been much buzz about whether or not Google's indexing spiders read website content keywords. With every new website Iboza Limited produces our advice to the client is the same; fill the website with relevant, clean, easy-to-read content.

Collaboration - Actually & Iboza Limited

Iboza ltd, straight up awesome

Iboza is straight up awesome! Colossal knowledge in web development, web-based internet applications, hosting and online security. Steve Haire is insightful, humourous and works hard at getting the job done right.

Christine Whone, B.A.
Actually - CoFounder and Communication Designer




Joomla! 1.5 End of Life

Joomla! 1.5 is now at the end of the road


The wildly popular Joomla! content editor has brought website content management to the masses. For quite a few years now it has been available for download and use for no cost. Any individual or company wishing to, could deploy a website based on this system for only the cost of setting up and managing the system.

Through a type of licence arrangement known in the industry as open source, this version of the system, along with its predecessor Joomla! 10.0 and its successors Joomla! 1.6, Joomla! 2.5, and now Joomla! 3.0 can be used freely without worry of copyright or intellectual property infringements.