Phishing Scam Targeting OPENSRS ClientsAre you a domain owner? If so this Phishing Scam will most likely end up in your Inbox at some point in the next little while. It’s imperative that you be able to recognize the tell-tale signs of a phishing scam. Here’s a relatively unsophisticated example sent to a client that happens to have an OPENSRS domain account.

You’ll notice the scammer has spoofed the “from address” of this email to appear legitimate and the email includes what passes for a reasonable facsimile of an email signature. Don’t be fooled, clicking the link will take you to an attack website set up on the Azure hosting network where no doubt they will either request your account information, collect your money and possibly install a Trojan or some other nasty malware on your computer.

Scams like this happen all the time. Hacked websites and web servers are constantly giving up client account data to malicious individuals and enterprises for the purpose of extorting money, spreading their malware or who-knows-what.

You can protect yourself by learning how to avoid being scammed. Take additional precautions like keeping your computer up-to-date, use an email host (like Iboza Limited) that scans inbound AND outbound mail for threats. Keep your own website up-to-date and make it as secure as possible, the safety of your data as well as your valuable clients relies on it.

*** Phishing Scam****

From: TUCOWS, INC. [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: October-28-15 3:04 AM
Subject: Domain - - Suspension Notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

The following domain names have been suspended for violation of the TUCOWS, INC. Abuse Policy:

Domain Name: XXXXX.COM
Registrar: TUCOWS, INC.
Registrant Name: John Doe

Multiple warnings were sent by TUCOWS, INC. Spam and Abuse Department to give you an opportunity to address the complaints we have received.

We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to contact you via telephone.

We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our attempts to contact you.

Click here and download a copy of complaints we have received.

Please contact us for additional information regarding this notification.

Spam and Abuse Department
Abuse Department Hotline: 480-984-0181