Building a business website is an important undertaking and can make the difference between the success or failure of a business. As important as it is, all too often companies will take short cuts to save either time or money. 

A well executed web project starts with a plan and a basic needs analysis. Defining ahead of time, a) who will use the website, b) what you want out of it and c) how you will promote its presence and in the process your own brand are the first steps in getting your project off the ground.

If you know these details and can articulate them to your web design team it will often reduce not only the designer's workload but also costly missteps saving you time and money.

Friday, April 10th at the Barrie Spirit Catchers BNI chapter Steve Haire from Iboza Limited will be discussing Seven Things to Consider When Building a Website. If you're interested in joining our chapter for a morning of networking over breakfast please click here.