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With our full suite of services your business will find what so many others already know. Iboza is a true, one-stop-web-shop!

Total Web Design and Development, Barrie


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Total Web Design

What is Total Web Design? It's confidence, price and performance - the total package.

Iboza’s development team has years of experience, both designing and building business websites and online applications. You can trust that our staff holds your business success as their highest priority. 

The Iboza website design team consistently delivers well-built, user-friendly websites for businesses in the GTA and Simcoe Region.

 From the very first meeting where your project is discussed and your business expectations are explored, we inolve and engage the client. This practise continues right up to the website's launch and on into the future through available support options.

Our web developers are in-house and hands on, not located in a foreign country. As our client you work with the person responsible for your project, building not only a new website but a solid relationship with your web designer.

At Iboza our philosophy is one of listening to the client. Understanding the customers needs allows our team to develop a website to suit not only a budget, but the online mission. 

Working together, we can take your business virtually anywhere!


Custom Programming, Barrie


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Custom Programming

Abraham Maslow: “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

This is also true in website development as it is with many other problem solving challenges. When the budget or time constraints are of prime consideration, a strong case can be made for using off-the-shelf open source software to deliver a website. In this case it may be the most cost effective way to get the job done. Before your team makes a final decision ask for an expert opinion from the team at Iboza. We will help you choose the correct solution for your business needs; regardless of your budget.

Budget isn't a major concern? There is still good reason to discuss your website design options with Iboza. It's possible that another customer has had the same challenge or perhaps a solution already exists that reduces the need to build your application from scratch. Having an experienced, honest opinion from Iboza will enable you to make the correct decision for your business needs, regardless of budget.

Even the most standard web development project will require some degree of customization before the website is finished. Cookie cutter website templates can deliver custom-like functionality at bargain basement prices but don’t be fooled. The cost can start to climb if a programmer has to “open it up” for editing after you’ve reached the templates limit of functionality. When this happens in the middle of your project it will lead to disappointment, increased timelines and spiralling costs.


Content Managed Systems, Barrie


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Content Management Systems

I have the time to manage my own website, now what?

Managing the day-to-day up-keep of your business website can be done in-house with the right Content Management System. After a brief Google search you will see that there are many to choose from. These systems vary from one flavour to the other, both in flexibility and ease of use. Choosing the correct CMS for your business is often difficult and confusing. 

Joomla!, Dupal, Word Press, Magento - which to choose? Which offers the best scalability? Which is portable? Are there on-going costs? They all have advantages and disadvantages. Not only has Iboza built highly focused content management systems designed to suit specific needs, we are also expert in the use and customization of many popular Open Source Content Management Systems. 

Before you make a decision to lock yourself into an expensive custom written CMS or pay handsomely for a “free” Open Source system call our office today to freely discuss your options.


Webmastering Service

A small monthly commitment will go along way preventing costly issues.

Simply put, being the webmaster is being responsible for the maintenance and daily or weekly updating of a website. It’s a fact that one of the best ways to keep customers coming back to your website is by keeping it fresh, current and error free.

Today’s dynamic websites require periodic maintenance to keep them up-to-date. With today’s website platforms being so stable we tend to forget about them; until something goes wrong. Errors can be costly leading to lost business and needless downtime.

Busy running your business? We would be pleased to discuss your web mastering needs.


Search Engine Optimization

My website looks good, it’s full of content... where are the customers?

Your business has launched a new website. You called the web designer, he said patience, the search engines will find it... eventually. We feel this is a little like putting up a billboard and waiting for the city to put a road in front of it.

In the last several years Search Engine Optimizing has become an over used buzz-word and a lucrative business. Because it’s largely misunderstood, businesses can end up spending their marketing dollars ineffectively. Having the web design team at Iboza consult on your Search Engine Optimizing is peace-of-mind insurance. We’ve been building and optimizing websites since 1997.

Let us shed a little light on the dark art of S.E.O. Call today.