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Hosting for Business Class Websites, Barrie
Web Hosting and Web Design, Barrie

Web Hosting

Since 1998 Iboza has been the host of choice for many businesses in the GTA, Simcoe County and Barrie area. You will find that many hosting companies offer a bewildering array of options, at bargain basement prices. Iboza’s hosting packages are simple, affordable, reliable and best of all... we're local!

Iboza Business Class Hosting, Barrie


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Web Hosting

My website is down again, every time I call the host it’s never their issue.

Almost every business relies on their website. Its performance is vital to not only the visitors experience but it also is a determining factor in search engine marketing. A website that’s either very slow or unavailable while being indexed by a search engine will earn a lower ranking. If your website is down during a critical sales and marketing campaign it can be disastrous. Our staff at Iboza understand and appreciate your concerns and we take your hosting very seriously.

Our hosting packages are built around common sense choices. Selecting the correct hosting package isn’t left to chance. We work with every customer to insure that they’ve chosen the best hosting option for their application; and it doesn’t stop there. Once you are online we’ll continue to support your company by helping when required to troubleshoot issues, make recommendations and keep you online 24/7.

Iboza Business Hosting - Business Lite, BarrieBusiness Light: 

The ideal or typical small business hosting client will have light duty requirements. Their website will usually generate little traffic and will have no e-mail needs. Their website will be fairly small in size and generally not require a database. It will also not require the addition of a website security certificate (SSL).

This package starts at $16.95 and includes:

  • 1 GB of dedicated hosting space
  • 1 GB of web traffic


Iboza Business Hosting, BarrieBusiness:

This hosting package is best suited to customers that are actively promoting their website and products. The typical business hosting customer will require hosting and management for at least one database and see traffic peaks over 5 Gigabytes per month. Of course, this comes with a full compliment of e-mail and hosting tools, Google Analytics, Iboza's great support and much more.

This package starts at $34.95 and includes:

  • Iboza E-mail service with 5 IMAP accounts with 5 GB storage per account
  • 5 GB of dedicated hosting space
  • 5 GB of web traffic



E-mail Hosting Services, Barrie


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E-mail Hosting

My company's e-mail is up and down, cumbersome and cluttered with spam. What can I do?

Iboza’s hosting experts have a combined 40 years of technical and engineering experience. We have been hosting business websites and e-mail since 1998 and have carefully built our reputation around solid, reliable and friendly service and helpful support.

Unlike the big-box hosting companies we won’t present you with a baffling amount of choices, or try to win your business with unrealistically high quotas that are meaningless to all but the largest of companies.

E-mail setup at Iboza is straightforward, reliable and best of all, we'll help you set it up on your computer or device! Whether you have one or one hundred e-mail accounts, call us today and for as little as $19.95 per month you’ll enjoy all the benefits of e-mail hosting with Iboza.

Every basic Iboza mail hosting client receives:
  • 10 IMAP accounts, each storing up to 5 Gigabytes of e-mail messages
  • Additional accounts and storage available at extra cost ($2.00 per e-mail user)
  • Virus scanning and spam filtering included with the service
  • E-mail accessible from any web browser (webmail) with e-mail forwarding, spam and virus scanning control through webmail interface
  • 1000 free aliases per e-mail account
  • Iboza’s dedicated support for troubleshooting issues

E-mail is vital to your business, trust it to a company that cares about your success.



Virtual Colocation Hosting

The ultimate in shared hosting is our Virtual Colocation package. Virtual Colocation can offer hosting customers all of the "horsepower" they could possibly need, without the expense of rack space, web servers, spare parts and expensive System Administration personnel.

Iboza operates and maintains an infrastructure built around the robustness of the VMware plaftorm. To offer our Virtual Colocation and Hosting packages with a guarantee of 99.97% uptime, we have partnered with PEER1 Networks. The stability and resilience of PEER1's infrastructure stands behind every Gigabyte of data we deliver.

What sets our Virtual Colocation apart from the competition? At our one low price we manage the virtual server. Your staff never needs to worry about the day to day operation of the web server.


This package starts at $200.00 per month and includes:
  • LAMP server
  • 1 processor / 2 GB Memory
  • 50 GB of dedicated hosting space
  • 50 GB of web traffic



Physical Hosting, Barrie


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Physical Colocation

Does your organization need rack space, dedicated power and multi-homed burstable Internet? Colocation of web server hardware from 1 to 50U or more means Iboza can take your business concept to the next level.

Contact our Engineering department to discuss your deployment needs. All communications are confidential.